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Wild Alaska: Denali Complete Bundle

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What's in this sound pack?

Alaska is one of the few remaining wild frontiers on our planet, and at it's heart is Denali National Park. The park takes it's name from Mt. Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, and covers a vast wilderness about the size of the state of Vermont, or a little smaller than the country of Belgium, all without trails. One mostly dirt road bisects the park, and many iconic species of North American wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose, caribou, Dall's Sheep, wolves, ptarmigan and so many more throughout the Boreal Forests and Sub-Arctic Tundra. Glaciers are a prominent feature in the Alaska mountain range at the southern end of the park, and these glaciers fill the rivers that source from them with sediment, turning the rivers into their glassy color. This is a land of unparalleled beauty, and now you can have many of its ambient sounds for use in your productions.
Recordings were made in Boreal Forest, Tundra and Alpine biomes. Some wildlife can be heard in these recordings, and great care was spent in identifying each species in the file name and metadata. The library is fully compliant with the Universal Category System, and features a full range of metadata to assist you in finding the right ambience for your project.
Add a sense of authenticity to any cold climate in your game or film by using recordings that were made with great effort to capture the wild nature of Denali avoiding human interference. This meant two weeks of hiking many miles with heavy audio and camping equipment, off trail into the wilderness, even losing gear to water damage all in search of the right locations to do justice to the majesty of the Alaskan Wild. I did this because I believe that the extra effort made to obtain the sounds translates into the emotion of the recordings. These are natural soundscapes, and minimal adjustment in post production has been made in order to respect and preserve the sounds as captured, as the sounds happened. This means no vehicles have been edited out, no magic removal of airplanes, just nature as raw and pure as I can bring it to you.
Sale Policy: To keep things simple, I never put any of my libraries on sale or offer any kind of discount. I sell them at a reasonable price given the effort to record and compile them, I find this is the most honest and transparent approach to the sale of sound effects. To help preserve the natural beauty of Alaska, 10% of each sale of this library will be donated to The Alaska Conservation Foundation.
Includes complete contents of Wild Alaska: Denali - Stereo Ambiences and Wild Alaska: Denali - Binaural Ambiences plus bonus water flowing recordings.

Specifications & Delivery

Number of Files:
Format: WAV / 24bit / 96kHz
Library Size: 6.97 GB
Metagged: Yes
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Licensor: Sky River Sound
License Type: Single user or multi-user licenses available. 100% Royalty-free for personal & commercial use projects. View full licensing terms here.


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