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Suburban Russia

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What's in this sound pack?

What could be better than summer time in the country? Of course summer time in Russian village! Those sweet sounds of hammers, lawnmowers, dogs, neighbors activity, forests, fields, rain and, of course, lots of cicadas! This library contains authentic atmospheres of villages and small towns of suburban Moscow, as well as sounds of nature, roomtones and doors of the old Dacha from Soviet era.

Key features include:

  • Authentic atmospheres of dacha, forests, fields, streams, rains, streets of small towns, night and day suburban activity and roomtones!
  • An excellent addition to your library for film, TV and multimedia
  • Suburban Russia during summer and autumn time
  • Recorded with Mid-Side Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30 combo
  • Sorted by location-type categories
  • All files have metadata included

Gear Used: Sound Devices MixPre-6, Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30 MS



Licensor: KEDR Audio
License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for personal & commercial use.
Specs: 56 files • 173 mins total duration • 24bit / 48kHz • 2.8GB • Metagged
Delivery: Digital download link upon purchase