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Spring in the Pacific Northwest

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What's in this sound pack?

I am very excited to share the natural sounds of spring where I call home in Spring in the Pacific Northwest. This library brings you ambiences, water and animal sounds from four of the many climate zones found in Washington State, the Quinault temperate rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula, the postcard maritime temperate forests of Western Washington, the Shrub-steppe of Central Washington and the drier pine forests and mountains of Northeastern Washington. Recordings were made in multiple locations within each zone and during different times of day and night.

The library includes ambiences, bird songs, frogs and different water sources. Care was taken to avoid sounds from human activity and processing in post production was kept to a minimum in order to provide a more peaceable natural soundscape. This meant many hours researching locations that would be remote enough to record without human interference, camping on site and getting up before dawn as well as being accosted by a porcupine, but it was well worth it to capture honest sounds from these amazing locations. And not to worry, both the porcupine and myself came out of the encounter unharmed and with a better understanding of each other, you could even say we’re pals now.

For fun, listen to the preview sound with the Wilson’s Snipe and listen to the stereo effect as the winnowing swirls around your head. This wasn’t a fancy production trick, they really do this with their feathers and I have no idea how it projects itself in such a strange way.

The library is UCS compliant and tagged with metadata using Soundminer. As with all of my libraries, a significant portion of all sales will be dedicated to giving back to nature. Our five species of salmon native to the Pacific Northwest are iconic, critical to our local environment and dear to me personally. I will donate 10% of each sale of Spring in the Pacific Northwest to Hatchery and Wild Coexist to aid in their efforts protecting and restoring salmon and steelhead habitat in the region.



Licensor: Sky River Sound
License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for personal & commercial use.
Specs: 72 files • 72 sounds • 24bit / 96kHz • 4.86 GB • Metatagged
Delivery: Digital download link upon purchase