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Sci-Fi UI

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What's in this sound pack?

Sci-Fi UI is a collection of 401 unique, futuristic, alien-technology sounds divided into 7 thematic collections. This is not just another collection of bleeps and bloops. The sounds were created by manipulating field recordings, Foley, and sound effects giving them a personality with an organic, emotional and performative feel. The types of sounds include positive, negative, and neutral alerts, alarm loops, file and program loading, power up and power down sounds, software glitches, and system failures. Also included is a collection of alien technology ambience loops called “Control Room Tones” to help you design your spaceship interiors.



Licensor: Soundopolis
License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for personal & commercial use.
Specs: 401 files • 401 sounds • 24bit / 96kHz • 1.40 GB • Metagged
Delivery: Digital download link upon purchase