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Electromagnetic Fields

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What's in this sound pack?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around us, they are everywhere and each electronic device produces them. Imagine a whole new world hidden from us. It is time to lift the veil of secrecy and look into it. This library contains raw electronic sounds - a perfect source for sci-fi movies, trailers, games, computer interfaces, experimental music or whatever you can think of. Frequency range of these sounds is impressive, it reaches 48KHz allowing you to effectively manipulate their pitch and spectrum. All sounds are sorted into categories, such as: Glitch, Hum, Click, Movement, Distortion, Beep and many others, which makes it easy to navigate and choose not only by recorded object, but by the type of sound it generates. And last, but not least: this library was recorded with highest possible quality of 96KHz/24bit.

Main features include:

  • 134 raw electronic sounds with variations
  • Perfect source for all kinds of harsh noises, glitches, drones, movements, whooshes, beeps, hum, clicks, buzz, nasty distortions etc
  • Astonishing frequency range up to 48KHz
  • Created for further manipulation with spectrum and pitch
  • Recorded with highest quality 96Khz/24bit
  • Categorized by types: Glitch, Hum, Click, Movement, Distortion, Beep and so on
  • Contains metadata for search engines

Equipment used: LOM Audio Elektrosluch Mini City, Sound Devices MixPre 6



Licensor: KEDR Audio
License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for personal & commercial use.
Specs: 134 files • 228 mins total duration • 24bit / 96kHz • 7.4GB • Metagged
Delivery: Digital download link upon purchase