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Ambisonics - Wintertime Woods

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What's in this sound pack?

Populate your next Virtual Reality project with these chilly forest ambiences recorded under different weather conditions, resulting in varied foliage takes including: trees creaking, spooky winds with heaps of low frequency rumbling, dead trees’ twigs clashing with each other, dead quiet atmospheres and intense cane field action.

Everything was recorded at nighttime where no birds or other forms of noise pollution are present, giving you fully neutral soundscapes that can be used on either full-blown horror experiences or placid contemplative pieces. However, one take of beautiful birds waking up, bursting with intense singing is present allowing you to glue these pieces onto busier forest soundscapes.

Wintertime Woods is the perfect companion piece to Springtime Woods, where all your forest ambience needs should be covered and given the nature of ambisonics, you can easily convert these B Format files onto any desired format (like regular stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 surround) with the correct plug-in, like RØDE’s SoundField, which happens to be free to download. These are raw recordings where little to no hum or hiss removal techniques were applied.



Licensor: Sonic Bat
License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for personal & commercial use.
Specs: 23 files • 17 sounds • 24bit / 192kHz • 12.6 GB • Metagged
Delivery: Digital download link upon purchase