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1000 Winds Project (Farts)

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What's in this sound pack?

CAUTION: This library contains the HIGHEST resolution fart winds that exist on this side of the internet… Well, let’s be real, all sides of the internet! Containing 1000 individual pristine 192kHz 24bit farts, you will never need another fart sample again. These winds were recorded using an ultra high resolution microphone which is capable of capturing frequency content up to and beyond 30kHz, so you can hear every nasty detail in these butt wrenching blows! This also means that when sound designers need to modify, tweak or change pitch, they can do so without worry of any loss in resolution.

Once downloaded, you will notice thorough detail describing each precious flabby butt blast, so you can easily find the perfect fart for the perfect occasion. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit capturing and categorizing each of these 1000 winds with a variety of specific descriptor words to save you time when you need the perfect blow as quickly as possible!

You will find winds that embody the following very specific details: Long, Medium, Short, Deep, Mid, High, Weak, Average, Powerful, Dry, Wet, Juicy, Airy, Squeaky, Rumbling, Screeching, Bubbley, Putter, Ripper, Crackling, Sneaky, Sputter, Squishy, Speaking, Singing, Yodeling, Barking, Quacky, Roaring, Thunderous, Howling, Whispery, Operatic, Mumbling , Whining, Modest, Polite, Hiccup, Bold, Bomber, Explosive, Missle, Melodic, Rhythmic, Transient, Steady, Fluffly, Punchy, Loose, Poofy, Tremor, Beefy, Wreckless, Controlled, Slip, Squeezed, Forced, Natural, Opps, Ducky, Wrecker, Blaster, Fizzler, Gurgler, Honker, Splitter, Wallop, Cheeser, Gurgler, Easy, Froggy, and any and all combinations of the lot!

If you are curious, (because it’s actually quite entertaining) how long this process took… To capture 1000 fart winds, it took me approximately 9 months of recording. This entailed having all the high resolution gear ready to go at any wind blowing moment. There are a handful of celebrity farts enclosed and the rest I was able to provide a variety of wind tunes by altering my diet over the course of recording. After the recording was finished, I carefully stifled through every wind to provide enough detail to make a very easy search for the end-user, in whatever the use my be. That process took around 4 months, spending a couple hours a day… 1000 Winds is a lot of content!



Licensor: The Chris Alan
License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for personal & commercial use.
Specs: 1000 files • 1000 sounds • 24bit / 192kHz • 588.5 MB • Metagged
Delivery: Digital download link upon purchase