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Sound Stories: Nox Sound

We sit down and chat with Damien from Nox Sound to see how he got started in the industry, plugins he couldn't live without and future gear purchases.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Damien. Firstly, do you work on audio post-production projects and can you tell us a bit about some of your work?

Right now, I’m working to help on a very cute and unusual project named "Virtual Cottage" ( Beside this, I’m working too on my own video game (you can check my instagram to see some concept art) and I’ll soon release a mini-album of my musical research for this game.

I’m essentially a sound designer and composer for video games. I learned field-recording by spending a good amount of time outside. I try to build good quality packs for a low price to help people on their projects. I plan to do more sound packs in a near future.

What’s an audio plugin you couldn’t live without?

Reaktor by Native Instruments. Possibilities are nearly limitless and you can create very weird and surreal sound design effects. You can also download a lot of effects and tools thanks to the Reaktor community. And also the trustful Izotope RX to clean and edit my sounds.

What was the first sound / ambience you ever recorded?

When I bought my first audio recorder (Zoom H2N), I captured the wind and natural textures in the forest nearby my town. It was a good exercise to understand how an audio recorder work and how to prepare myself for future recordings.

Did you study at an audio school?

I studied music theory and piano in music schools and conservatory. I’ve studied in University too, and I’ve done my master thesis in game design. I chose as a research subject «How to approach sound design in video games for deaf or hard of hearing players». I learned sound design essentially with books, tutorials and a lot of practice. Thanks to many personal and student projects, I learned software like Reaper, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, FMOD, Wwise, etc.

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Any bit of gear you’d like to purchase in the near future and why?

The Sony PCM D100 is a great piece of hardware. Recordings are clear and crisp, and the form factor is really strong and trustful. I love the fact I can have a very small recorder with such a good quality in my backpack. The ZOOM F6 it’s interesting too for the 32 Bit Float recording which is useful in many cases and help to not destroy your recordings when sounds are too loud.


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