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Sound Stories: Sonigon

Sound Stories: Sonigon

Today we chat with Victor from Sonigon about how he started as a Sound Designer, his best tips for sound, as well as his interest in contact microphones.

How did you start out making sound libraries?

Creating sound libraries was not anything I planned on doing until a couple of years ago when I fell in love with it! I actually started out studying graphics for games, but found my passion in making music and sounds for them instead. The school where I later studied music had a couple of studios where you could record sounds (though they were very bad, like not being able to turn off the AC, etc.), so now I’ve built my own studio (where I could finally record in silence)

Can you recommend a good book on the topic of sound?

“The Sounds of Star Wars” by Ben Burtt is very interesting for getting inspiration on how to record sounds. It’s amazing what they did to record and design all the sounds for the original trilogy!

Do you have any gear you’re interested in?

Actually, I’d like to have some time to make more contact microphones and refine the process further (see the link below to my tutorial on how to make your own balanced contact microphones).

Sonigon Interview Article Image

Have you ever had a mentor?

I’ve actually never had a mentor. I basically learnt everything by myself and with the help from my sound design companion Vile. We’ve freelanced together with Sonigon since the start of 2016 (wow, 5 years go by so quickly!). But I’ve actually mentored a couple of students and still work with one of them too this day (hello Pablo!).

Do you have any tips for aspiring sound designers?

Strive to improve your work, but to not get stuck in perfectionism. It’s a difficult line to follow sometime, but having deadlines really helps me to not get stuck.


Thanks Victor for taking the time to be interviewed. Look forward to hearing all your new sounds in the future.

As a last thing I’d like to give a big virtual hug to all my friends (and girlfriend) who have helped me record all my noises during all these years! 


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