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Sound Stories: Matias Mac

Sound Stories: Matias Mac

This time we were lucky enough to chat with Matias about his approach to sound design, including his best tips & tricks, favourite books and prediction for what the future holds in sound.

What was the first sound / ambience you ever recorded?

When I started to play electric guitar, recording me was something I did immediately, so an electric guitar was probably the first. But in terms of sound effects the first thing I recorded were small metal sheets being thrown to a ceramic floor to create a broken glass fx. And in terms of ambiences my first recording was sparrows singing in the street.

Where / what sounds would you like to record in the future?

I always wanted to record an old abandoned house. You can get some cool sources in a place like that. Sources that I would use to create rhythmic loops, atmospheres and transitions for horror productions. The feeling of emptiness you get when you record an old abandoned place can be very useful to put you in the right frame of mind when creating horror sounds.

What trick or tip you wish you learnt earlier?

That improvisation / experimentation are important skills to develop for creating sound effects but that is essential set limits or rules to that improvisation to define a clear context in which cool things can emerge. A limit can be using only one source to create all the sounds of a library. For example if you want to produce a library of drones and atmospheres a nice rule or limitation can be using only one music instrument like a flute. You will have a limit but you can move freely in it doing anything you want.
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What’s your favourite book on sound?

The Physics and Psychophysics of Music By Juan G. Roederer. A book that covers subjects of acoustics, psychophysics and neurobiology and how all these elements are interconnected in the process of hearing music. Very instructive book with the right amount of theory and maths useful for beginners and professionals alike to get a more clear view of what "sound" is and how it is "perceived".

Do you have a prediction for the future of sound?

Being part of the community of independent sfx creators for many years now allowed me to notice that in the last two to three years there has been a big rise in the creation of new independent sound effects libraries companies that are very unique in their approaches and with an incredible sound quality in their products. I see this rise as positive because it motivates old companies and individuals not to fall asleep and keep bringing great content to the table and also promotes collaborations between companies and that's a wonderful thing!

So my prediction is that we can expect the release of SFX libraries that will become classics and essentials in the future because of their uniqueness and adaptability. Also this rise of companies and libraries brings the creation of standards and systems that help evolve our craft, such as the UCS (Universal Category System) for example.


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