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Sound Stories: Cinemear

Sound Stories: Cinemear

We chat with sound designer and composer Connie from Cinemear about her favourite sounds, her favourite plugins, and what she'd like to record in the future.

What’s your favourite sound / ambience you’ve recorded?

Till now, it was the cracking of a of a ship's rope in waves and wind. It sounded different with each kind of wave and it was just so beautiful to listen to.
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Where / what sounds would you like to record in the future?

The sound of a swan landing in the water and taking off is one of my go to´s. Ambiences of my home country Austria, underground sounds, random things I hear by accident. The pool of sound is without boundaries so there is a lot to explore, day by day.

Do you work on audio post-production projects and can you tell us a bit about some of your work?

I work in different fields of post production. Sometimes I get asked to compose music to picture, ads, theater and cultural projects, I create corporate sounds for companies or podcasts and I do sound design to various media, such as ads for cinema, social media, soundscapes for museums. Also, I do audio editing, mixing and mastering in any kind of area. Every project is different and instructive and I’m very thankful to call my job my dream job.
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What’s an audio plugin you couldn’t live without?

A go to plugin would be FabFilter´s Pro-MB, because it´s very flexible and great to work with for any situation.

What was the first sound / ambience you ever recorded?

Me playing the piano when I was a kid, and I had no clue how sound recording even worked.
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