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Sound Stories: Spacewalk Audio

Sound Stories: Spacewalk Audio

Today have a good chat with sound designer & field recordist Benajmin from Spacewalk Audio to chat about his favourite projects, books and who his idols in the industry are.

What’s your favourite type of audio project to work on and why? (Music, TV, Film, Game, etc)

I love to work on documentaries. The sound editing process can be challenging, but the reward comes in helping to tell a story that shares knowledge and spreads understanding.

What would your best tip for new sound designers be?

Take the time to train your ears. Participate in sound walks and active listening, where you analyse the everyday sounds that make up your environments.
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What’s your favourite book on sound?

The most useful book has been John Purcell’s Dialog Editing for Motion Picture. Its a really comprehensive guide that helped me enormously when I first started learning about sound editing.

Who’s someone else’s work in the industry that you admire and why?

I greatly admire wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson. He ran a field recording expedition to Iceland that I attended whilst in University. It inspired me enormously and lead me to where I am today.
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What’s an audio plugin you couldn’t live without?

I try not to buy too many plugins, as I feel too much choice can lead to inefficiancy. That said, Izotope Rx’s standalone plugin is incredible. I use the spectrogram to visually read the audio, which becomes extremely useful when dealing with long recordings or where the microphones were left unattended. I’m then able to make adjustments and create markers before I move into Pro Tools.
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